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Established in 1967

Illinois Association for Behavioral Health

(formerly IADDA)

is a statewide organization representing addiction and mental illness prevention, treatment and recovery services agencies, staff, consumers, affiliated organizations, and corporations.

Our Mission

The mission of the Illinois Association for Behavioral Health (IABH) is to advocate for sound public policies in the behavioral health field on behalf of clinicians, consumers, youth, family members, and individuals in recovery who are in need of services.  

We Envision

a healthy society in which:

  • Everyone battling addiction or mental illness have access to effective treatment
  • More people are in recovery
  • Communities actively participate in prevention and health promotion
  • Laws, public policies, and culture enhance everyone's well-being

We Educate

about the importance of Behavioral Health while sharing the message that addiction and mental illness are preventable, effective treatment strategies exist, and recovery is possible!  Our staff and members accomplish this through strategic advocacy efforts, comprehensive media campaigns, community forums, town hall meetings, letter writing, and much more.

What's New

We are excited to share IABH is a state node of the Great Lakes Mental Health Technology Transfer Center (MHTTC). As a state node, IABH is responsible for the design, coordination, and implementation of mental health related training and technical assistance activities for providers and organizations across Illinois. The first step in this process is ensuring we meet YOUR needs.

What will the MHTTC and IABH do for me? By working with local organizations and practitioners involved in the delivery of mental health services, the MHTTC will strengthen capacity to deliver culturally competent and effective evidence-based practices (EBPs) to the public, including the full continuum of services spanning mental health prevention, treatment, and recovery support. Through trainings and intensive technical assistance to organizations and providers, the MHTTC hopes to see changes in policies, programs, practices, or operations that support an increased capacity of improved outcomes at one or more system levels.

Great Lakes MHTTC services are available to ALL Illinois community-based providers of mental health services, regardless of IABH membership affiliation. Some examples of training opportunities that may be coordinated at a minimal cost through IABH and the MHTTC include: crisis de-escalation (emphasizing suicide prevention), school-based violence prevention, identifying and intervening with individuals at risk, and more!

As the Illinois node for the MHTTC, IABH will design, coordinate, and implement low-cost training and technical assistance activities for YOU! Contact Ashley Webb, Director of Strategic Initiatives at 217-528-7335 ext. 12.